Starting a Blanket

Hi! I started a blanket{Which I plan to donate to a animal shelter} and would like some help.Just make one square so we can add it to the one I’ve started. You can crochet or knit it. Happy knitting and crocheting everyone!!:knitting:

Lion Brand has a simple baby blanket (30" x 30".) You can use your own yarn, etc., or buy from the Website. It’s very simple–you start with 5 stitches and end with over 100. You can use circulars or regular needles. The pattern is free; you can downloaded it, also. The free baby patterns are on the left side; search baby blankets for the diagonal. Happy knitting.

Who’s the recipient of this blanket, or is it for yourself? If several people contribute, do they share it? If it’s for charity, there’s a Charity Knitting forum you could post in.

If you mean that everyone make their own and join you in a KAL, that sounds like a good idea.

Most knitters don’t have time for extra projects. We can suggest patterns and websites for you though if you you need help.

Many do charity knitting if you are going to donate it. I believe there may already be a thread for squares in the charity forum, but I’m not sure.

Is there a way for me to move this thread to the charity section?

I don’t think you can move it but we can if you like.


I suggest you edit your post so people know you’re doing this for charity and where you are planning on donating it.