Started a 2 Handed Fair Isle Scarf

[color=#300090]As I like to do, I’ve combined two new things to learn (maybe more) in one project. :eyebrow2: I’ve done the two handed Fair Isle before but on a flat piece and I messed up by avoiding the purls on the WS. This time I am working in the round for the scarf and since it is only 5" (12.7 cm) wide I am using the 2 circular needle method. (I love how Cat Bordhi calls the non-working needle the “udder needle.” I also started with a provisional CO for a seamless end in the scarf. :woot: I plan on making the scarf 5 feet (152 cm) in length if I don’t run out of yarn before then.

The provisional CO was a the Magic CO using a long tail, only I loosely knotted my two colors together and cast on two circulars. This started a different color on each side! I am now wondering how I will finish the other end and if I can make it as neat (or seamless) as the CO end of the scarf. :think:

I’ve started my own pattern chart for color changes and am using the Fair Isle weaving on the WS floats. The biggest hurdle has been that I cast on an even number of stitches (22 on each side). Now I’m having trouble getting a pattern that centers within 22 stitches. I’m using one or two stitches on the edges to break/separate the pattern of one side from the other side. :cool:

This project started as a swatch, practice with a pattern and Fair Isle weaving, and I think I’ll add purls to try out some illusion techniques. :oo:

It is turning into a sampler. :roll:

Colors are:
(2) Caron Simply Soft Grey Heather and (1) Rose’s Winter White.

Now, I have to remember to get a photo and post it here once I have several inches (10 cm) completed and showing the color work.

Way to go!

Dontcha just love Cat Bordhi!? I will never again forget how to knit in the round using two circs! Her “visual word pictures” are something I don’t forget!

Cat Bordhi…well uh…[U]:???:[/U] but anyway I bet your scarf is going to be great! Can’t wait to see it! Fair Isle is best done in the round IMO.

Yea, cant wait to c it …gud lucks

[B][U]Cat Bordhi demonstrates Judy Becker’s Magic Cast-On[/U][/B]

I love that CO method and will now try toe up socks just to use that CO. Or maybe a knit hat (i.e. stocking hat, toque, toboggan, or ski hat) with a cuff.

And this is her [B][U]‘udder’ video of using two circulars[/U][/B] instead of DPNs or magic loop. :thumbsup:

Though I suppose you may need to be a little bit country to fully enjoy the humor. :slight_smile:

It’s not the humor that bothers me it’s the baby talk and I feel like she’s talking down to people. I’ve heard others complain about it, too. I’m an adult and like to have things explained to me simply, but like an adult.

I prefer the Turkish cast on, but they both work well so it’s personal preference. :thumbsup:

ETA: I also took a class at my LYS in two circs and love that method.

Okay, I think I need other stranding or fair isle patterns for just two colors. I started with a [U][B]chart for a Hermione scarf[/B][/U] (in one of the Harry Potter movies) but it is for multiple colors on a white background. :sad:

Any suggestions?

I found a simple (fir) tree pattern but was hoping for a snowflake or something. I suppose I could just go with some words since I have letter patterns I could try.

Ah, Judy Becker’s Magic Cast-On has one purl row completed after cast on when compared with Turkish cast on.

So I see it as a Turkish cast on combined with the long tail or double cast on. I think the live stitches are a little more stable for me with the magic cast on. I wasn’t able to get knitting with the Turkish cast on.

So, I think I’ll stick with the magic cast on.

This one is only two colors. With the color changing yarn it looks more complicated than it is.

Here’s a whole bunch of charts maybe you can create your own scarf.