Start with purl stitch

So, I just learned how to purl, and I am starting a new scarf project. The first row starts with the knit stitch, but the second row starts with the purl stitch. How do you start a row with the purl stitch? I am having trouble with how to hold the yarn - when I did it, I created 2 stitches. Please let me know any tricks or tips that you may have.

Just put the yarn in front of the needle when inserting it into the stitch. Then make the stitch. Try it, it’ll work and you shouldn’t get two stitches. If you do you’re probably not starting with the yarn in front.

A purl st is pretty much the same as a knit stitch except the yarn is in front and you insert the needle the other way. Bring the yarn to the front, insert the needle into the first stitch from back to front and wrap the yarn around it and draw it to the back, then let the old st off the needle.

Make sure you are not pulling the yarn UP, because then it does look like 2 stitches, not one, because you’re seeing the stitch below the needle. Put the yarn in front, then pull it gently DOWN and you will see it is just one stitch.