Staring at strangers

So I feel like a bit of a weirdo. Ever since I’ve started knitting on a more regular basis, I find myself noticing and staring a peoples knits. My boss was wearing a lace and cable knit sweater the other day, and I sat there and stared at her sweater trying to figure out how the pattern was made.

I stared at a complete stranger this morning who was wearing an empire waisted lace peasant blouse/sweater. Very cute. But she probably thought I was pervert staring at her chest trying to figure out the pattern.

Seriously though, I’ve been doing this a lot lately. Staring at garments, not women’s chests.

:roflhard: I’ve caught myself doing the same thing!!

You’re definitely not alone, there. :teehee:

I do this a LOT, but it actually started in the 8th grade when I learned to sew. It helps when you actually go up to them and say “I love the cut of that suit” or “this is the best vintage ever!Where did you find it?”. Besides…I like to compliment every nicely done ensemble. It’s so rare that things look well put together these days that I feel I should incourage everyone to look presentable XD

Oh yeah, I do it all the time, too. I was in Washington DC visiting my daughter last week and I commented on a sweater on table in a store and my daughter said “You’re obsessed!” :lol: Then on the way home at the airport yesterday I saw a woman wearing this really pretty sweater and was trying to figure out how I could alter a pattern to get something similar. I don’t think she saw me staring, but who knows. :teehee:

I do this as well, but i usually say (out loud mind you) “I could knit that” and my parents laugh at me.

Ha ha I thought at first you had possibly posted this on the wrong kind of site!

Only yesterday I spent 10 minutes admiring my hairdresser’s cardigan (yes on a Sunday - she comes to the house) It was a ‘designer’ cardigan and I was basially stealing their ideas!


oh, gosh, i do this too! also find myself pausing tv programs if someone is wearing some interesting knitted item. linknit41

The other day at church I was staring at a scarf that was around the neck of a teen sitting in front of me. I’m afraid that I was paying MUCH more attention to the scarf than the sermon!


I also make notes and draw diagrams when I see a great knitted/sewn item


All the staring knitters need not worry - there’s nothing wrong with you! You’re just caught up in a habit that is fairly common to creative people.

I’m a professional artist and periodically over the years I’ve taken on private students (passing it on is an important, to me, part of being an artist). These were usually non-professionals who just wanted to express themselves through painting and they were marvelous to work with.

What was so funny is that once they were really into it I’d hear stories about how they were driving along with their husbands and were so unusually silent because they were staring at trees - the light and shadows and positions… they just couldn’t look at trees the same way once they’d started to paint them. A line of trees could keep them occupied for HOURS and HOURS! :woohoo:
I was so proud!

So folks, you’re just being artists when you stare. My advice - keep on staring! And keep on knitting!

Ruthie :hug:

Happy to know this is not cause for a lock up :teehee:

I pause the TV often to look at knitted clothing and definitely in the stores. My kids think I’m crazy but it’s worth it to look and learn.


What a lovely way to think of it. And here I just thought I was being neurotic.

Oh yeah! Been there, done that!

Who doesn’t remember the GREAT SWEATERS that Cameron Diaz wore in THE HOLIDAY? Co-starring Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and Jude Law!

And how about the great YELLOW CABLE CARDIGAN wore by “Elaine” at The Restaurant? (Jerry Seinfeld episode)

Oh yes, I oogle sweaters and knits wherever I go!

I was out of sweatshirts so I wore a sweater to Walmart. I noticed someone staring and thought of this thread. Then I started staring at people to catch them staring.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=teal]I guess I’m too bold to stare. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=teal]I just walk right up and compliment the wearer and ask if they knit it.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=teal]I do have a social problem with babies in hand knits. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=teal]I’m inclined [B]not[/B] to notice the infant and only comment on the sweater or blanket.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :aww:

Looks like you’re far from alone, here. :stuck_out_tongue:

For years I’ve ogled interesting patterns, cables, etc. My friend who taught me to knit would walk right up to a person and ask if she could inspect their apparel. I’m not quite that brazen, but if it is interesting enough I will compliment their clothes and get a closer look.