Star Wars prosthetic leg!

Hey all you Star Wars fans!!! Are you the biggest Star Wars buff out there? Love them so much you sleep with a Chewy stuffed animal and named your dog Yoda? Well, I think my son might have you beat… just a little lol. He just got a new socket made for his prosthetic leg and they let him pick out the fabric to laminate onto it. Normally the socket would be flesh colored, but I took Mickey to Wally World and this is what he came up with !!! He totally LOVES LOVES LOVES it!!! He’s acting like he just got a new tattoo lol!!!

Wow, I’d say he’s just a little bit of a Star Wars fan. :teehee: You’d never know it though cause he seems to hide it so well. Looks cool!

That’s so cool that he’s able to do that! :cheering:

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love it!!! What a great way to personalize his prosthetic.

That beats my Boba Fett costume hands down. :teehee:

:roflhard: That’s great!! My sister and my best friend were both rediculously into Star Wars about 8 years ago.

OMG!!! That is SOOOOOOO :!!!: ing COOL!!!
Just got done watching Episode III…(cable’s not working :wall: ). It’s so tragic yet I find Anakin’s move to the dark side makes for a sexy Hayden Christensen…that’s the main reason I repeatedly watch it anyway…
:eyebrow: :eyebrow:
Way to show yer unique and wild personality kiddo!!! :cheering:

OMG, that has got to be the coolest socket I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them. I can’t wait to tell some of my friends about your son’s proths., they’re all adults but, I’ll bet more than a few of them will be pea green with envy over his super, custom socket.

Now, that’s one cool kid…show him my knitting Yoda avatar…we may have something in common. I think that’s spectacular that he was allowed to do this :cheering: :cheering:

LOL He’s seen it becca HEHE :teehee: And yes yes he loves it! Mickey is into so many things. From Spiderman to Superman to Batman to X-Men and almost anything ending in “man”, but Star Wars has been with him ever since they started making new ones. Nine years old and he owns all the movies and 2 lego ship kits and 3 video games. He loves it. His favorite is the Lego Star Wars game!! His favorite character is Darth Vador (Did I spell that right ???), but he really has a fascination with the storm troopers… or clones as he calls them. He wants to be one for Halloween. He wanted to be one last year, but Mommy didn’t go out to Party City fast enough to clame his costume. She’ll be on her toes this year :rofl: .

My son (soon to be 30) LOVES Star Wars, and has collected since he was little…he still collects stuff, as a matter of fact!
You know, everyone already has halloween stuff out, I’m sure Party City has all sorts of cool Star Wars stuff :cheering:

His favorite character is Darth Vador (Did I spell that right ???), but he really has a fascination with the storm troopers… or clones as he calls them. .[/quote]

Its Vader… but I wont count that against you… cool mom you are

I remember taking a tour of my local Shriner’s Hospital for my nursing class, and they showed us all the different fiberglass sheets and stuff that they had for the kids’ prostheses. They also told us that usually the biggest conflict comes between what the kids want and what the parents want. So good for you for allowing your son to personalize himself this way! Life is too short to not have some stormtroopers…I mean, Clones, to decorate your leg!

Very cool!

That’s awesome! Dotmom is on vacation, but I’m sure she’ll want to see this so I’ll send her a PM with the link!

:cheering: That is very cool!!

I love it!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

So Cool! And I agree, you are an awesome mom. My three year old goes everywhere (except church) in her leotard! They are only kids once.

I agree! That’s just awesome that you’re letting your ds express his personality rather than trying to get him to fit into some preset mould. WTG, Mum!!! I bet his friends will think he’s the bee’s knees because of his super cool proth. :cheering: :cheering:

I think it’s awesome and I don’t even like Star Wars! :shifty:

How cool, Spooky!!!

JanCA sent me a head’s up to this thread … I can’t believe our paths haven’t crossed yet. I have a 12yo son w/ an above-knee amputation as of April 2005. He’s not a Star Wars fan, but he can totally appreciate the customization! :thumbsup: He’s really into electronics and computers, and at one time he was thinking he would put a circuit-board design on his socket. For now, though, he’s happy w/ just the plain ole flesh color. Can’t wait 'til he’s big enough for a C-Leg, though!!!

Oh yeah, and I just remembered this … you have to check this out: Fred’s Legs

Give your guy a big hug for me, or if he’s too big for that, tell him I think he’s AWWWWESOOOOME!!! :wink: