standard size of yarn hanks?

without unraveling any of my hanks, i’d liek to know if there’s a standard size of yarn hank? that is, a standard diameter/circumference? i saw old posts here about people rehanking yarn after dyeing, but no mentions of what sizes they actually used.

thanks! :wink:

I don’t know that there is a standard hank. It was apparently an idea for industry but not one strictly adhered to.
I took a quick survey of some hanks that I have on hand or have used recently. Most are worsted weight and 100gr. Of course, the yardage varies a bit but is around 200-220 yds.
This undoubtedly also varies with yarn weight. I see fingering at 200g per hank and 700-900 yds.

So, that said you could weigh the hanks and taking the size yarn (ww, fingering, DK) into account make a guess at yardage. Not so helpful but easier than opening the hanks.

thanks for the reply… but i’m still flummoxed… there must be some kind of standard wrap circumference, so that hanks fit around yarn swifts… i’m just trying to figure out if i made a hank like, 2 yards around, or 3 yards around, would that be appropriate? maybe i need to look at information on swifts, to find out what their circumferences are?

Well, swifts are usually expandable for that reason. They are like collapsible gates so that you can adjust them to fit the hank. Think of the different circumferences of hanks that you see with fingering weight and worsted weight.✓&q=swift&button=search

ok, you’re doubling down on ‘there’s no real standard’ :wink:

and i was researching swifts at the same time… basically the smaller
models go up to 60-68" circumference, and the larger models are 90-110"
circumference. so if i aimed for something around the smaller, i’d be ok.
and i did unfurl a few easier-to-fix hanks and they fall into that 60-68"
range as well.

Good, that sounds hopeful. There is a standard for some kinds of yarn (silk and linen, I think) but it’s not very well adhered too. Sounds like it would be helpful to have a standard.

You need a niddy noddy.

There are a few solutions that are easy to make. I’ve seen PVC pipe solutions to a Niddy Noddy.

After this thread got me thinking of making something again since I’m in a wood working mode making tools for other hobbies I realized my bowstring jig would work much better than my ShopVac for holding hanks of all sizes if I don’t make something that spins before the next hank I wind.