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Please help!

In my pattern is says: "K2, K2 tog, sl 3 sts back to LH needle. Rep around."
I understand K2, K2 tog but then do I take those 3 sts and put them back on the LH needle and then do what?
Help I need to get this done, it’s a gift.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am new to knitting but that is how I would read it. Are you at the end of the project because if not by the time you finished doing this you would only have three stitched left on your needle. But it sound like you would be knitting the original 3 several times until you get to the end (each time picking up one extra stitch in the k2tog). I wish I could be more helpful but that is what it sounds like. I would also like to know if that is correct. :??

well without more info i can’t tell you with 100% certainty but this is what i am reading.

ack…sorry i read your pattern wrong.

Yes you are knitting 2 stitches and then knitting two together then slipping those three back on the needle and doing it again all the way around.

(yikes sorry about that!)

does that make sense?

Except that it’s k2, k2tog, what Brendajos says sounds about right. You work 4 stitches, but end up with 3; sl those 3 back onto the left needle, work the next 4, and so on around. It’s a way to bind off, I think. Is it at the end of the instructions?


yeah woops…sorry about that… :oops:

It does sound like a funky bind off though…what are you making? it sounds kinda cool and i wanna know what that looks like!

I believe that makes a sort of picot type edge when binding off in that manner.


No wait, with a picot edge you cast ON a stitch every time. What are you making???

isn’t this a 3 stitch i-cord bind off?

I didn’t think you knit 2 sts together in an I cord BO, but I’ve never done one, so could be.


found this in some jacket instructions:

Three st I-cord bind off: cast on 3 stitches to end of left-hand needle. *Next row: k2, k2tog, return 3 sts from right-hand needle to left-hand needle. Rep from * until all the sts are bound off. Cut yarn and thread on tapestry needle, pull end of yarn through remaining 3 sts and fasten off.

sound like it!

i tried it with a few stitches, it does make a nice clean edge, very firm. i’ve only done i-cord separately, as purse straps and such - might try this on something though!