SSSK Stitch in Brioche

I am learning how to knit Brioche, and purchased a cowl pattern. I was able to find videos to help assist in learning all the different stitches, all but the SSSK stitch. I am not sure if I am doing it right, I slipped 3 stitches individually knitwise, including any yo wraps onto the right needle. I then slipped them back to left needle, and knit all three stitches through the back loop- 2 stitches decrease. It is a bit difficult so I am not sure if I am working it correctly. Here is a pic of what I am working on.Mirrored Wing Brioche stitch

*Round 2A: With GREEN, brk1, sl1yo, sssbrk, sl1yo, (brk1, sl1yo) 3 times, brkyobrk, sl1yo, brk1, sl1yo, brkyo¬brk, sl1yo, (brk1, sl1yo) 3 times, brk3tog, sl1yo. Repeat from, * 2 more times.

That is certainly a stunning pattern and not just brioche but 2-color brioche at that.
Here’s a video for the SSSK worked slightly differently. It can be difficult to do especially if your sts are tight.

We’d love to see your finished project. It’ll be an inspiration, for sure.

Thank You so very much for the video. I think the reason I may be finding this stitch a bit challenging is because of the sl1yo before this stitch, the yarn is in the front instead of the back. I will post a picture of finished garment once completed. Again, thank you for all your help!

Yes, I can see where that would make it more challenging. In the video at about 2:15, once all 3 sts are slipped to the right needle, bring the yarn to the back over the right needle and knit all 3sts tog. This is easier said than done, I know and the need to make that yo is a little extra complication.
Good luck with it!

How well it will work with a yo I’m not sure but there is an easier was to do sssk (or sssssk for that matter, I’ve done it with something like 17 slipped stitches just for grins and giggles.)

Slip the 3 sts to the right needle. Leave them there. Bring the working yarn from the back over the tip of the of the needle then pass the slipped stitches one at a time over the yo you made. I took a pic to show the yo to the left of the slipped stitches.