Ssk vs. k2tog

I am wondering does it make a big difference if you k2tog instead of ssk when decreasing? The pattern was written as at the beginning of the next row k2 k2tog knit until there are four stitches left then ssk k2. I thought it would be the same result but after reading I have found ssk is not the same as k2tog Just need to know if I should rip it out before I go much further. Thanks Midge

The reason they use two kinds of decreases is that K2Tog leans right and SSK leans left. In some instances you want to have your decreases be mirror images of each other. In some cases it doesn’t matter. But when making raglan decreases or decreasing gussets and toes of a sock the mirror decreases look nicer.

Also, if you have yarn overs next to the decrease, it depends on which side of the decrease it is, and what decrease it is. This can open up or close the hole.

Normally I would say you should go on, making the ssk from now on. If you’re not too far into it. And even then,… I think I wouldn’t rip it.

It depends how fussy you are (and how far you’ve gone!) whether you choose to go back and change what you’ve done so far, but for future reference, if you ever do lace knitting, then it REALLY matters!

Good luck!