SSK vs. K2 tog

I’m having a fit. I’ve just started a baby blanket, and can’t figure out the difference between SSK (skip, skip, knit) and the knit 2 together. The wonderful owner of the store showed me how to do it yesterday. I thought the SSK was just like K2 tog; but it’s the angle of the stitch that differentiates one from the other.

Today, when I do it, they look the same. I want to scream.
Can anyone help.

Have you seen the videos for each decrease? That might help a bit!

Kristen -
I will do that right now and let you know. I can’t thank you enough.
I’m hopeful.

Kristen -
this was so helpful. Thanks a million. The site was wonderful.
-Susan :happydance:

Glad to be of help! I hope you stick around, you’ll learn and laugh a lot!

I just might do that. I haven’t knitted for years (although I did as a kid). I’m knitting a baby blanket for my step daughter’s newborn - I didn’t realize how much she liked my knitting. I hate to impose my stuff on people.
I had been working on a beaded shawl (because I’m really into beading too - just started that for the first time 2 years ago), and have been very frustrated because the beads keep slipping to the wrong side of the garment. I think they’re too heavy. The woman at my favorite knitting story agreed that blocking it properly should fix the problem, but I’ve ripped it out twice, and have had it with that for a while.

Problem is I still work full time - need to retire to be able to have time for my little hobbies. We’ll see.
Well, I’m going to get back to my blanket (I’ll never finish it by the time we visit the latter part of April - oh well. I’ll mail it.
Best regards, Susan :thumbsup: