SSK, SKP and k2tog

Can anyone please help me out here? I will try to describe as exactly as I can, english is not my spoken language… it is easier to read it than write it.

:thinking: I know the difference between SSK (slip slip knit) and SKP (slip knit pass). Both are decreases leaning towards the left. But I am not able to see the difference between these decreases, the look the same to me when I knit I mean.

:thinking: AND another problem, the K2tog makes a beautiful right slanting decrease, but the opposite SSK does not look that beautiful, it is more loose, a kind of zigzag look if you understand what I mean.

When I knit socks, and knit the gusset, there is a SSK at one side and a K2tog at the other side, and they are not equal…

Does anybody understand what I am talking about or have a solution to my problem??

In advance thank you.

Have you checked out Amy’s decrease page? It has really good instructions for different decreases and photos to show you how they match one another. :smiley:

(She does say that k2tog is tighter than any left-slanting decrease, so it’s not just you!) :wink:

Thank you, I have not seen that site before. :thumbsup:

When you do your ssk, are you slipping as if to knit? I know if you slip as if to purl it will be too loose–just an idea.

I slip as to purl… :??
Run to my socks, try to slip as to knit!!

Your knitting is beautiful, by the way!

I agree! You do beautiful work!! :thumbsup:

:oops: thank you very much!!!

I love your blog! And Camilla’s baby blanket is gorgeous. So are your non-knitting pictures.

I KNOW!!! I am so JEALOUS of your “around the neighborhood” pictures! Everything here is so FLAT!!