Ssk question

just curious … there are two types of ssk in glossary, ssk and ssk(improved).is there any difference? i mean i see the difference but any specific reason you will use either one at different position?:think:

Some people like the `improved’ because when you slip it purlwise it ends up being twisted and therefore tightens up the decrease. I don’t care for the twist in it, and have found if you’re careful not to stretch the first stitch too much, it’s not loose at all. They can both be used under any circumstances, but in a pattern, pick one and use it only so they all look the same.

I’ve always wondered this myself. What happens if you slip the two together (knitwise) or knit them together through the back loop? I hate SSK because it’s two extra steps so it slows me down.


Slipping kwise is the same as knitting them tog through the back loop. It still leans left, but the stitches are twisted. Some lace patterns use k2togtbl - sometimes I like the effect, sometimes I don’t and just use ssk instead.

Structurally ssk is exactly the same as slip 1, knit 1, psso, just done differently - same result.