SSK question

I started a new pattern and their instructions for SSK said to slide the slipped stitches back onto the left needle and knit the 2 together.

I was unable to research at the time so I followed the instructions as written and I think the pattern looks correct, but when I checked other instructions, you are supposed to knit through the back loop, which is what I thought I remembered. So the question is how will the two differ and did I interpret the pattern instructions correctly?

If it’s a SSK, you slip them knit-wise from the left needle to the right, and then knit them together. Amy has a very good video in the decreases section that demonstrates how it’s done.

In effect, whether you slip them back to the left needle or leave them on the right and insert the left needle into the front of them, you’re knitting them through the back loop.

well that’s the thing, I didn’t knit them through the back loop, I did it like a K2TOG. Unless you mean that by putting them back on the left needle, that does what KTBL would when you do it the ‘normal’ way of leaving them on the right needle?

Slipping the sts reorients them so when you knit them together, it ends up being through the back loop. And the stitch leans to the left, like a sl, k1 psso, which you could use in place of SSK. Take a look at the video

I think I’ve got it now, thanks

cool, so i did do it right :slight_smile:

we were watching pirates of the carribean 3 and i was working on both sleaves for one of the weasley sweaters (to keep them straight, one is on the blue needles, the other on green… odd thing about those needles, same brand, same size, green are pointier at the end!) and go to the first decrease and really didn’t want to get up so that i could go get my laptop to look it up :slight_smile: