*squints* help?

Hey everyone… I finally finished my HP scarf, so I’m going to start another scarf for a friend. I got the idea to use this cloth for the ends. I’ll be knitting in the round and there will be a total of 4 of the crosses(2 on each end, front and back).
My basic understanding is I’ll have to double the CO stitches, but do i have to reverse the order of the pattern the first time? If I knitted in the round, the work flows downward, and would be upside down? But when i’m down my scarf I could just make that the other side right? Wow, I wouldn’t be surpised if I sound utterly confusing.
Either way, one of the times I’d have to reverse the pattern (read from rows 59-1).
If I didn’t want that border, I’d remove the k3 and just make it P37?(ie for rows 1-4)
Ahh I’m going to stop babbling… maybe someone will understand me.



I get what you’re saying. For the one end of your scarf, I would knit the chart from the bottom up then for the other side, flip the chart upside down and you can still work the chart from the bottom up.

Glad to know I made sense. Thank you very much, Ingrid! You’re always a help:) I knitted some of the dishcloth to see how the pattern worked, and I gained a better understanding of the pattern. I recently finished altering and rewriting it in my notebook, so hopefully I did everything right, and won’t mess anything up.
I’ll be starting up tonight, thank you again!

Good luck with it. Just remember that its easier to turn the pattern upside down than it is to try to read it from the top down. :wink: