Squares For A Blanket?

Hi yeveryone

I’ve noticed with some knitters they talk about using squares to make a blanket. By squares I assume you are literally knitting a bunch of squares and some how attaching them all? Is there a certain technique to making these squares? What about attaching them?
Is this more challenging then knitting a basic blanket with a bunch of stitches casted on?

It is like making blocks for a quilt, one row of blocks connects to the next row and so on Same thing for knitted squares,. They get connected either by sewing them together or crocheting them together. Making a blanket with a lot of stitches on the needles gets heavy after a certain length is reached. Making a square is easier on the hands.

Is there any particular way to knit the square? I looked at some in google image search and they look like they have boarders on them, maybe slipping the first stitch?

To make them perfectly square easily you can do them diagonally. I don’t think you need to slip the first stitch when doing them because they’ll be seamed. If you want to you can though. As for a border…that’s up to you and the design of your blanket. If it’s stockinette it will curl, but if it’s going to be seamed it doesn’t matter.

What do you mean?

Here’s some good basic instructions.

I would do one of these as written and when you understand the way it’s done you can take this idea and alter it to suit your needs. For instance if you don’t want the eyelets you can do other increases instead of YO. You can do a design in the middle, a pattern stitch or whatever. This is a popular design for baby blankets and dishcloths.

Jan’s pattern idea is a great one!

I’ve seen baby blankets made of jumbo sized squares using this pattern sewn together in a checkerboard design and they are awesome looking.

The dishcloth’s aren’t bad either, and this pattern makes for perfect TV knitting.

I prefer doing the entire blanket whole and avoiding the seaming.

Via intarsia. CO x stitches of each color, one after the other. Work Y rows to form a square. Cut yarns and rearrange color order. Reattach yarns on next row. Work Y rows. Repeat. To get something like this.

Or this, which requires “picking up stitches” after turning each corner, but no seperate seaming.

Or, try enterlac.

Or, a large basketweave pattern.

Eeek! Does Kf&b mean knit front and back? Not so sure I know how to do this yet. Have never tried it, nor have I tried a YO

They are all fantastic, they are all what I had in mind when I thought of knitting “squares”

Don’t panic! Those are the easiest increases to do so you should learn them and this is a good way to do it. :thumbsup: Scroll down to KFB and YO to see the two videos. I’d post the direct link, but I don’t know if you knit continental or english.

Even if you choose not to do squares it’s a valuable lesson.

Oh I HAVE watched those videos before!! I am a continental knitter! I think I can probably do this!!

So I did my first square, took me a couple of hours but I really enjoyed doing it. I have a question though, I have either this yarn http://www.yarnfwd.com/vintagedk.html or this one http://www.yarnfwd.com/vintage.html I THINK it’s the second one though cause I know it’s worsted that I bought. Are these ok to use for squares for a blanket or dishcloth or should I use these for something else? I originally bought it to use as hat yarn.

Sure, those should be okay. You just want to make sure that you’re knitting all your squares with the same gauge yarn. I made a sweater with Vintage. It’s a very nice yarn!

Your square looks great!

Thanks so much! The edges arn’t that smooth but I’m sure that comes with practice :slight_smile: I’m going to start on my second one now :smiley:

If you’re going to seam or crochet them together it won’t matter anyway. :thumbsup:

Your square came out great! :yay:

The pattern is perfect for a dishcloth or a blanket square. Use depends on what kind of yarn. If you’re using either of the yarns you linked to, I’d think it’s better for a blanket. Wool and hot dishwater don’t quite mix together… :wink:

What I actually decided to do was make a baby blanket as ONE big square!

Even better! Looking forward to seeing a photo of it when you’re done! :cheering:

I’m done, photo in Whatcha Knitting :slight_smile: