Square toes

I’ve ripped these out and done them over but the toes on my sock are squared off instead of rounded. The pattern said do an extra row of even after you did your decrease-even sequence to get down to the right number of stitches. I tried leaving that last even row out but the result was still pretty much the same. Am I making any sense?
Is it because it is a relatively small sock? I end up with a total of 12 stitches to graft together. I am using sport weight yarn and 3mm dpns.
Anyone got any suggestions?

Wish I could help. I’ve made three socks,(working on four) have the same problem.

This is what I’ve done and it works great. Work the decrease rows alternating with plain knit rows until you have half the number of stitches you started out with - for example if you have 60sts starting the toe, do the decreases on alternate rounds until you have 30sts left. Now, repeat ONLY the decrease round (no plain knit rounds in between) until you have about half as many stitches again (you can stop when it looks right, even if you don’t get to half as many stitches - as long as you have an even # left for grafting). Now graft using kitchener stitch. Because the last number of decrease rows are done much closer together, the toe will end up rounded rather than squared.

I’m printing and filing info.
Can never have to much info.
Thanks again
Linda Jo

I feel better that someone else had the same problem.
And now we have a solution. Thanks, KnitQueen! You are an angel. What a wonderful resource this is.