Square Blanket w/Rounded Corners

Does anyone have a pattern for a square blanket/afghan w/rounded corners? I want to knit a baby gift, but I haven’t been able to find anything. I asked in how-to, but haven’t gotten anything on how to knit rounded corners.

Thanks in advance!

Have you looked through the array of patterns here?


I see you got some pattern help in an earlier thread but you felt it wasn’t turning out. Perhaps you could pursue questioning that issue. Here is one way someone got the rounded edges. Adding a border with short rows. You can see one corner is lifting but that as she’s experimented and worked around, it seemed to sort out. The only other thing I can think of is looking at some patterns for baby tops that have rounded corners and considering how they are done. But this may be a usable idea re the border:


Thank you so much for that pattern link! I think it will help a lot.

As you read in my how-to post, I want to do a square blanket w/rounded corners, with an eyelet border that I will weave 1/2" wide ribbon thru, and monogram the baby’s initials and date of birth in the corners.

The only way I can do the monograms is to knit a square on the diagonal. (inc 1 st on each side until the square is as wide as I want, then dec 1 st on each side) I was not able to figure out how to do the rounded corners this way. I either need to start with the rounded edge on my inc side and the square edge side on my dec side - this way the monograms will be knit right side up. If I knit the square edge on the inc side and did the rounded edge on the dec side the monograms would have to be knit upside down, because I want them on the rounded edge side.

I would have to knit 4 of these pieces and sew them together to form 1 finished piece.

I will have to do some more research and knit a few swatches to see if this can even work.

I have never done any monogram work so, forgive me, aspects of what you’ve tried hard to explain has gone over my head, however, I assume you are aiming for a square so it will correspond with a graph…is that right? Then of course you want the rounded edges. However, is it worth considering a technique like you see with the lettering on this page? This seems to create lettering and yet it’s dependent on the letter shape more than a graph as such. Take a lot anyway and see if it helps. You have a nice idea there.


I just found this. If you just look at the four central features…see how that is really the general shape you want. Certainly the square with the rounded edges? Would this suit you? There seems to be a link to a Zimmerman pattern (further on the page):


Thanks for all your help. I will give it a try and see what happens.