Sprucing up a simple baby sweater

I love the baby tunic pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple, and I’ve used fun yarns to make it more interesting. I was wondering, though, if anyone had any ideas for sprucing up a basic pattern after it’s done? Cute patterns using duplicate stitches, etc.? The last one I made is with one of those Wal Mart soft acrylics (great for baby projects) with a little tweed to it, but it was more subtle than I realized. I want something bright and springy for a March baby. Any brilliant thoughts? Oh, here’s the hoodie length. (I’m not savy enough to rename it.)



Those a darling children’s patterns!

Maybe some fun buttons?

Essential Vaaapp Vaporizer

I’m so neurotic that I never had anything with buttons on it for my baby. I was afraid she would grab one, detach it, and choke on it. I’m working now on a sweater for my nephew’s baby and I’m leaving off the buttons. I can’t help it: I was brought up by a pair of “catastrophic thinkers”!

I think doing a duplicate stitch in a contrasting color would be a great way to personalize and spruce it up a bit. Is it for a boy or girl? If it was for a girl I would duplicate stitch a flower or a butterfly. For a boy a truck or dinosaur. I would play around with the placement it’s hard for me to say where I would put it.

Have fun and definitely show us the FO!

I"m not sure how to explain it, but I’ve seen sweaters “fancied up” with edging detail, too. Like a large overcast stitch in a contrasting color. The knit pattern would make it fairly easy to get the stitches the same size and angle.