Spring Preview of IK Knits is up!

I see lots of pretties I’d like to make…

Oooh, I can’t wait!!! :inlove:

neither can I! I just wish I had gotten the subscription for Christmas like I asked! :teehee:

Oh geez, I think I want to knit almost everything! I picked up IK at Barnes & Noble last week, and I fell in love with the mag. So of course after seeing what’s in store for the next issue, I went ahead and subscribed! I’m so excited! Can’t wait…like I already don’t have enough stuff waiting on yarn orders already :teehee:

:teehee: Perhaps you should give a gift to yourself, just because you care!

And yeah, I do not need more projects screaming “ooooh, knit me!!!” I’m about three years behind already! :rofl:

I’m almost to my 1 year knitaversary, but I feel like I’m already 3 years behind too! I’ve thought about getting the subscription once things are more stable money-wise. My DH is a member of a cigar-of-the-month club that costs $30/month… I deserve this! :teehee:

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Thank you for the link! It was mentioned on the knittyboard, but I couldn’t get anything but the Winter issue to come up.


I love just about everything! There’s so many gift potential items, for girlfriends, and, of course, me–singing that thong song! :happydance:

[color=blue]Good Morning all! How often is IK published? Also—are the patterns written so that even a somewhat newbie :star: is able to understand them? Thank you!

anne [/color]

I think IK is published each season. People generally say that the patterns are simpler and more accurate than Vogue Knitting. They aren’t all easy, that’s for sure. It’s not like those (several) magazines that are made with just beginners in mind. But I think they’re within everyone’s reach if they have help (which you do, in the form of KH).

The Keyhole top is definitely the gold medal winner for me. Um, is there any way I can wear that with a bra? Cable Down Raglan is nice, too. To-knit list getting ever longer. When am I going to work on my own designs? :tap:

ohh I can’t wait to get it… I really like those Enterlac socks… and ribs and lace tank… the green tee… and dollar and half cardigan… :roll: have no idea how will I find the time to work on them…

They are more accurate than Vogue (though they do make mistakes and they don’t always admit it!) I think the patterns can be tough, but an advantage is that they typically have a lot of “how-to” to go along with their patterns (like, "see page 85 for this technique). I find the how-tos pretty easy to follow.

I must have the slant V neck. MUST! I would sort of like to lose 50 lbs first though, so I can look foxy in it…I am also jonesing for those argyle socks. I have no idea what I would do with them - I am a slacks and ankle-length skirts gal. But that might not stop me from making them.

With my “backlog” I am thinking I need to quit my job, quit eating, quit going to the bathroom and quit sleeping. I never really cared for any of those things anyway! (I liked myjob plenty before I started to knit, now it just gets in the way, lol).

I get to knit at my job if it isn’t busy. Except for Sunday afternoons/evenings that’s only a couple hours a week though.


I love the ribs and lace tank! The entrelac socks, both raglans, both socks, even maybe the pillow all look tempting…look at the thong! Anyone wanna double dog dare me? :teehee: It sure is pretty. :eyebrow:

OMGosh!!! Such lovelies :inlove: :drool: I can’t wait!

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

ya know what I like about the preview? It looks like there are a good number of “I’d wear that” patterns - reasonable and lovely. 25 days to go. siggghhhhh.

I am SO buying that issue!


I like pretty much everything except the Apron. (poor model…it makes her look pear-shaped.)

I wouldn’t knit some of it, but I like pretty much everything.

I’m not even going to peek!! I have a subscription and my favorite thing is to curl up with a cup of tea and really enjoy it! I don’t want to spoil the fun.