Spring gloves

i suffer with Raynauds which has been getting a bit worse lately.
The best way to manage it is to keep my hands warm and stop them being exposed to temperature changes, so gloves are wonderful

The only problem is the gloves i own are two warm for some conditions and look daft if i wear them indoors. finderless handwarms are no good because they still leave my fingers exposed.

I could do with some lightweight and attractive gloves just to help regulat the temperature in my hands and fingers that can be worn on warmer days without overheating me.

any suggestions?

P.S. Raynauds is a common condition that is basically an oversensitivity of the capiliaries in the extremeties (finger and things) so that they react sharply to changes in temperature causing them to go very cold, funny colours or very hot and painfull (or all of the above).

Did you try Ravelry? If you type in gloves you’ll get lots of patterns. You can narrow down the selection based on yarn weight and and then knit them in a lighter weight yarn…maybe a cotton or cotton blend. Also… if you find a fingerless glove you like you can always just make the tips on the fingers. It’s not hard.

Here is a basic ‘recipe’ type pattern that seems to be pretty good.

I understand what you are going through. I have fibromyalgia and I have developed Raynaud’s along with it…Fortunately it’s not too bad except when it flare up from time to time.

When you say light weight, do you mean gloves made out of a thin yarn?

You might use the pattern browser on Ravelry. You can search by whether the pattern is free or not, the yarn weight and what type of garment/article it is.

Oh thank you for the glove ‘recipe’.

I have never made things with fingers before so i wasn’ to sure how to go about it but that mght be helpful if i can find a stitch pattern i like.

When i say light weight, i meen a light weight yarn and a pattern that is not too bulky. Just enough to take the chill off my fingers but flexiable, unobtrusive and not going to overheat my hands on milder days.

What about something like lace gloves? :slight_smile: