Spread The Word!

[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]This is a really fun thing. Okay
1.first you knit a mushroom or flower
2.Then you make a little tag or something that has knittinghelp.com on it
3.Stick the tag on your flower or mushroom
4.Now the best part, you put it any where for the public to take it! That is how we are spreading the word about knittinghelp.com!

The only rule is it HAS to be out in public. Just think how fun that would be for someone to find your mushroom or flower! I hope you try it!:mrgreen:

P.S. Use any color, express yourself! [/COLOR]

Oh, and If you know any good mushroom or flower patterns please post.:wink:

Sounds fun … can there be a place for the person who finds it to post where they live and what they discovered ?

Great idea…both of them.:cheering:

I keep forgetting to add things. When you finish your flower/mushroom put a picture on this thread! Even where you put it if you want to.The idea of having them post a picture and where when they find one would be great! The only problem is, what if they don’t know the website well and don’t know where to say they found one?


That’s a super easy flower pattern, knitted. I’ve made several as embellishments for baby sweaters/hats. Only uses a bit of yarn :slight_smile:

Well I found a great mushroom pattern which has lots of options for what you can do with it. HERE it is!

Here’s a whole bouquet of flower patterns.