Sport weight VS Worsted?

Heya! Most of you may know that I am in the middle of knitting an HP scarf for my sister. The pattern which I am using is from atypically.knit (link in siggy) The only thing is, I found the perfect color for my scarf, but in sport weight. I’ve almost finished my sis’ scarf, and I really like the thickness of worsted. I’m a fairly new knitter and want to be sure mine scarf turns out as good as my sisters! :wink: Here is the yarn I like: Yarn I would like to knit the scarf in “River” and “Sand”.

Any help?

You could always try knitting with 2 strands of sport to get the same gauge as worsted…if it matches the recommended gauge then you’re in luck. Gauge isn’t as crucial when you’re knitting scarves, but it will go a LOT quicker if you can match it. :wink:

Let me dig out some Shine and swatch it doubled…

All righty…on US8 needles, I got 4 stitches/5 rows per inch. Not ideal because it’s kinda stiff. But :doh: after I knit that swatch I looked up what my gauge was with Shine when knitting on US6s, and it was 5 sts/7rows per inch (not with the yarn doubled). So that would probably work for your pattern. :smiley:

I can’t speak to whether cotton is good for scarves though…because I don’t really wear them. :??

Thanks for the help! I really appreciate you going to all that work just to help me out. MUAH! :heart:

Ok, another question…

How does this yarn…“king cole merino wool dk” compare to the thickness of worsted??? ROfL

I don’t know about ol’ king cole, but dk is about half the thickness of worsted.