Spoiled by Denises!

So ever since I got my Denise set, I’ve been using them for nearly every project. Knitting with circulars even when flat is kind of nice–compact, less likely to slide off the needle in your bag, etc. So when the project I’m currently working on required me to switch to 11s, I took out my straights. My 11s are a lovely blue with a pinkish iridescence to them, and I take any opportunity to use them. Well, I found that I have gotten spoiled by Denises and that knitting with big honkin’ straight needles feels like wielding two kielbasas around dental floss! How strange! Am I damaged? Will I never be able to use straight again? :?eyebrow:

:XX: :wink: U can knit with your denises as straight needles, too!! u just put them together without attaching one needle to the next 7 @ the end of the cable u attach that circular thing. In order for my straights to always be the same length I ordered 1 more cable (the shortest) and now I have 2 cables of the same length…which will give me 2 straights of the same length…am i making any sense? I assure u, tho, if u bought the denise kit…u can use them for straight & circ knitting :thumbsup:

Who cares! Denise needles ROCK! :slight_smile:

I’m spoiled too. After I got mine, I sold nearly ALL of my other needles… everything but one set of straights (which I NEVER use) and my DPNs. I’m even gonna buy a second set of Denise’s. :mrgreen:

Oh, I know that you can use them as straights, but I guess that’s what I’m saying–I don’t wanna! Circular all the way! So Spoiled by the smooth Denisey Goodness!

I just went out during lunch and bought a set of Denise Interchangeables. Most of the online stores had them around $46. – My LYS sold it for $48 so I figured that was just fine for the instant gratification of getting them and not having a delivery charge.

I’m looking forward to my first project with them – that I’ll start tonight!

Now I am more impatient than ever. I have to wait until next week!!! Dh is getting for me for my b-day. Actually, my b-day is not until the following week but I am going to buy them when I go see my mom next week.