Splitting my yarn

I’m working on a lovely scarf for my Grandmother. The fact that it is lovely is the only thing keeping me knitting on the thing. It, being lace, is riddled with k3tog’s. I’m not even knitting with splitty yarn and I split the yarn every time I k3tog. It just feels so tight! I’m knitting with sport weight acrylic yarn on 6s. I’m going to try going down a needle size, but if that doesn’t work, anyone have any tips on how to keep from splitting the yarn so much?

I think going down a needle size may help. Size 6 needles are a bit big for sport weight yarn…also if that doesn’t help you could try a different brand of needles. Sometimes ones with blunter tips help prevent splitting.

For the K3tog, trying to knit at a looser gauge may help, or you can try pulling down on your knitting a little when you insert the needle, in order to stretch it.

Ummm, actually, I knit sport weight on size 8s, and I’m not a tight knitter. If it feels too tight to do k3tog, try going up a needle size. Or before you make the st, pull a bit on the stitches with the right needle tip to loosen them up, then k3tog.

I think going up a needle size would make the k3tog’s easier - going down would make the yarn loops even tighter.

Plus, lace is often knit with a needle several sizes larger then the yarn would normally use.

Yes, I forgot that part, usually you knit lace on much larger needles that you would for stockinette. If the pattern yarn is thinner than the yarn you’re using, then you would also have to go up in needle size and not use the same size. Definitely try 8s or even 10s; I’ve knit sport weight lace on 10s and it comes out great.

I must be a weirdo (well, my husband would definitely agree with that.)

I find decreases much harder to do when I knit on needles larger than the yarn calls for. But, you make good points–a lot of times lacy patterns are done on bigger needles. What I posted is based on general guidelines, but they are definitely that-guidelines.

But I have been fiddling around with something that you might want to give a try (it may actually make it more difficult–this is just a suggestion. Also, I’m sure I’m knot the first person to come up with this. :slight_smile: )

When you get to the point where you need to k3tog, get a small crochet hook, and insert it Knitwise through the three stitches starting with the farthest left of the three stitches.

Grab your working yarn with the crochet hook and pull it through, thus making three stitches into one.

Slide the new stitch onto your right needle.

I have taken your advise and cast on (for the 5th time!) on larger needles. I’m glad I posted this, because I would have for sure tried going down needle sizes. Don’t know what I was thinking! It does seem to be helping. If the k3togs are still difficult, I may well try the crochet hook idea. I would have never thought of it. Thanks all! :muah: