Split stitches on the needle

Hey I am brand new at knitting! Right now I am just doing a knit stitch… getting some practice in and if i keep going it might turn in to a scarf! I started with 21 stitches including the slip knot at the beginning and now i find I have 23. Some of my stitches are crossed and forming an ‘x’ on the needle and therefore adding stitches… how do I fix it? Do I knit them together as one or will that ruin it?

Those stitches are usually caused when the stitch isn’t slipped off properly. It happens to all of us. Knitting two together works sometimes, but in this case it tends to leave a hole. So when you come to that stitch take a look at it. You should be able to see which part of the stitch you need to slip off. If you don’t see it I can make one and take a picture.

Hi thank you so much! If you want I can take a picture of it and post it?

Also I didn’t use a pattern but thanks for the future information!

Here is a picture, i hope it makes things more clear :slight_smile:

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Looks very good so far; very nice even stitches. Jan’s right, when you come to this crossed stitch on the next row, knit the first loop and let the second drop off the needle. That way it can form the little collar around the stitch. Right now that collar is pulled up onto the needle.

When you turn your work to knit the other side this is the stitch that will be dropped off the needle.

This could also be a learning experience for fixing dropped stitches if this doesn’t work for you or you drop the wrong stitch out something. Garter is a little harder to fix because each row is different. Here’s a video that explains it well. If the link doesn’t work look up"how to fix dropped stitches in garter stitch" on YouTube.


Thank you for posting this question. I have the exact same issue and didn’t know how to fix it.

You’re welcome!