Split hem


I’m in the process of knitting a TOP DOWN sweater. I’d want to do a split hem instead of the usual ribbing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


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What is the name of your pattern?


It’s just a standard top down raglan sleeve pattern


If the sweater is knit in the round you can stop knitting in the round when you get to where you want to split. At that point, knit back and forth on the front sts only. When the hem is as long as you’d like, bind off and work with the back sts. If the stitch pattern is stockinette, you want to think about avoiding the curl of st st maybe by turning the hem?

Depending on the look of the rest of the sweater you can either keep the ribbing or knit the hem as a flat piece. That would help avoid st st curm. Here’s an example of a split hem with ribbing. Not that the ribbing is a rather relaxed 3x3 rib.