Spiral increased/decreased beanie

I’m looking for a pattern that looks like the top of this hat. Not interested in colorwork, but just how the top is constructed (never knit a hat before)


I found these two patterns…do you think they closley match the one pictures above- decrease/increase wise?



If you know of any other beanies/skull caps such as this, please let me know! :happydance:

Yes…those patterns would make swirled decreases. The only way to make straight or “wagon wheel” looking decreases is to do paired decreases like on Marnie’s Pismo hat.

Do you have The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns? It has a REALLY good section on types of decreses for hats.

No, I don’t have that book, but it’s on my long list of books to get…on the high priority side…There’s a lot of books I want to get lol :rollseyes:

The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns is available at any library I’m sure. (That’s where I found it and Xeroxed my favorite ones :oops: )

Wow, that first hat with the llamas is really beautiful. I love a top like that too. It stands out so nice on that particular hat. Somebody else had a picture of a hat with a top like that… hmmmmm…

I want to make that hat now, in those brown colors, it’s so nice. Maybe that group/designer would give you the pattern?

If you have a look @ this pattern & scroll down you will find ‘sample hat’ and there are directions for spiral decreases on the crown of a hat :thumbsup:

:shock: it’s at mine too…you sneaky givin me ideas (i never checked about this book before…so happy now!)

I thought I might want to make this llama hat so I wrote her (the designer). She replied right away with this:


I sell the pattern on my website at
http://www.knitting-and.com/shop/patterns/ for US$3.50
It’s a pdf file so anyone purchasing it gets it straight away.

Sarah :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone’s interested.

thanks, but I really only wanted to know how to do the increases/decreases, not the llamas :slight_smile: Thanks tho, I’m sure someone else may want to buy it.