Spinning Wheels

Okay! I’m going to buy one…just splurge and do it! The only problem is…I live in a dorm, so I need something smaller…and maybe portable if possible! Please help me find a wheel!

Here is a comparison of folding wheels from the Woolery… http://www.woolery.com/Pages/foldingwheels.html
I haven’t tried any of them but maybe that link will help you. There is also the Hitchhiker which you can also find on the Woolery site.

I like my Louet Victoria. Its very light (8 lbs I think) and travels nicely. It comes with its own carrying case and folds up. You can find them on line for $550 including shipping.

I can’t say enough for my Lendrum. It’s one of the larger of the portable wheels, but still takes up less floor space than a ‘regular’ wheel.

The Majacraft Little Gem (not for me, but I know some who love it) and the Schacht Ladybug are a couple wheels not considered folding wheels but are considered portable because they’re so small, you could take a peek at those too.

Size was the second most important factor for me when I was looking to buy a wheel (performance being the first), as I’m in a small space myself. I know the Lendrum isn’t as small as an Ashford Joy or a Majacraft Little Gem, but after trying multiple types of wheels at a spinning meet - both folding and not - I much preferred the Lendrum to any other wheel. Only the Double Treadle Schacht Matchless was a contender, but it was big and too $$.

My suggestion before you buy any wheel would be to try it and maybe a couple others (even some non-folding) just to have something to compare it to. I did this at my local fiber guild spinning meet. Sometimes you can find a spinning store that will let you try some different wheels.

I bought my Ashford Joy because I lived in a dorm. It’s awesome to spin on (I sell the yarn I spin on it at my etsy store) and the legs fold up so you can store it behind/under your desk or bunk.