Spinning wheels

We must have been talking about spinning wheels although I don’t remember why or when, but DH looked them up and came and said “I could easily make one of those!” :shock: Truth is he probably could…he can make anything. I told him to hold off for now. I have no idea where one gets the stuff (??) you spin with (or apparently what it’s called! :roflhard: ) or where I’d put the thing. If anyone has a comment to make on this…I’m all ears.

If you can’t find roving in your neck of the woods, you can easily order it online - lots of people are offering it that way now.

And depending on the size of the wheel, finding a place to keep it wouldn’t be that difficult to find either. I keep mine in the living room, just b/c it’s pretty. Plus it’s on the small size, so it fits easily in a corner if need be.

Let him make it - you can do research while he turns wood!
And if you decide you dont want to spin, you will have all the right stuff to encourage your dh to do it for himself!
And yes there are losts of male spinners. On another board there is even a male spinner who lives in Manhattan. :smiley:

Jan, there are spinning wheel plans availableWheel Plans. Some of these look quite compact so you could put them in the closet when you were not using it.
For the roving, check at your LYS. I didn’t even know mine had it because it was shoved in a corner. The lady showed me a shelf in their back room with bags and bags of roving in the yummiest colors! Of course, I had to buy several different colors! Now I just have to practice, practice, practice so that I can actually spin it into something I can use. Good luck!!

Whoa! :shock: Haven’t checked here lately! Thanks for all the info. I’ll bookmark that site, but for now I think we’ll wait. DD2 is moving back in for a year or two to finish school so I need all the room I can find for her stuff. :lol: