Spinning Wheel



I bought this spinning wheel at an antique shop for a really good price and could not pass it up. I know absolutely nothing about spinning wheels so I am hoping that someone might be able to help me.

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if there are any missing parts they can see on the picture?

I know that the drive band needs replacing. It’s rubber so I have absolutely no idea where I can buy one from. I also know that the hooks on the flyer are missing too so not sure what I’m looking for and where I can get those.

I have no idea who the wheel is made by or really any of the anatomy names (apart from the drive band and flyer) so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Any insight, help and advice will be really useful. Thank you!


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We need the expert advice of @mullerslanefarm for all things spinning wheel, please.


@Fayonaise, Nice little wheel!

I don’t know the maker but all parts are there except for the hooks and the brake band for the flyer. You should probably disassemble it, give it a good cleaning, re-oil it and replace the drive band. You don’t necessarily have to use a large rubber drive band, cotton yarn, plastic lacing (like you would use for kid’s pony bead necklaces) or twine would also work.

It appears your wheel is bobbin-led and you can also adjust the height of the mother-of-all (as your drive band stretches) by turning the tensioning knob. When putting on the new drive band, adjust the tensioning knob to the lowest position.

Hopefully this diagram will help you identify the parts of your castle wheel and the link will help you understand “bobbin-led” https://shop.mybluprint.com/spinning/article/parts-of-a-spinning-wheel/



Thank you so much for all of the information!
That is incredibly helpful and I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me.

The diagram was extremely useful and everything makes sense now.

What would be the best type of product to clean and oil it with?

Is there anything in particular I should use for the brake band for the flyer?

Once again, I am so grateful for your help.


Any type of mild wood cleaner will work. You just want to clean off any built up dust and gunk caused by old oil that has solidified on moving parts. Different spinners use different types of oil on their wheels. The main thing is you want a light weight oil. I use a 3-in-1 oil that my husband uses on his old treadle sewing machines. You’ll want to oil any place it moves, including inside the bobbin so it rides freely on the shaft of the flyer. Clean the flyer shaft with fine steel wool prior to oiling.

I’ve been thinking about what to suggest for your brake band … the flyer seems to sit down inside the maiden and I’m not sure how a brake band would come into contact with the flyer. It confuses me! Maybe that particular wheel works without a band??? I don’t see anything on the front maiden to suggest that there was ever a flyer brake assembly.

Once you get it cleaned up and oiled, you’re ready to give it a test drive. I can help walk you through that also. There are old threads where I’ve walked other new spinners. Don’t worry if you don’t have fiber to spin yet … the way I teach spinning, you work with the wheel without fiber first so by the time that fiber you’ve order gets there, you’re almost ready to spin.

Speaking of fiber, I suggest getting a nice medium wool roving or top like corriedale or romney

Another place to get great fibers at a terrific price is The Sheep Shed. The page is kind of difficult to navigate, but trust me, it is well worth the time to explore. Carol Lee offers “mill ends” … this is fiber that is left on the huge drums from the fiber mills that machine spin yarns. If you have any questions, Carol is happy to answer you, she’s a real sweetheart! http://thesheepshedstudio.com/