Spinning Wheel Question

I just bought this spinning wheel from craigslist. Once I got it home, I realized that it doesn’t actually look much like other spinning wheels. It has two wheels. I’m having a hard time finding any information on this. Here is a picture http://images.craigslist.org/5V15Z65S63k33md3o9bc81fbb49b25f0817a4.jpg

Is anybody familiar with this type of wheel? Thanks!

This is a new 1 to me …maybe 1 wheel is for spinning and the other is for plying??? or maybe 1 is for fiber and 1 is for flax??? just taking a guess here…it is a pretty wheel, Hope you figure it out or someone on here knows.

It reminds me of a Watson Wheel. They make a couple models with 2 wheels on them although the wheels are side by side on their models. Here is their site anyway

Will be interesting to find out what this is though!