Spinning wheel help!

I’m extremely new to spinning and my fiance found a spinning wheel on CL I’m paying $30 for it but i need to know if theres anything missing. Heres the original post: http://southcoast.craigslist.org/atq/4969296831.htm and here are more photos of it.





There is no treadle and not footman. The rear leg is not original to the piece. Needed for functionality but a couple of the easier pieces to replace.

Good news is you have the flyer & bobbin … those are most often what is missing. I can’t tell if you have a whorl separate from the bobbin or not from the angle of the pictures

Do you know where I could find those prices? Or how much they would cost?

Since this isn’t a wheel from one of the current (1970-present) standard manufacturers (like Ashford, Kromski, Louet, et al) you would have to find a woodworker that could do this for you.

You could probably go to one of the antique wheel forums on Ravelry (such as ‘Antique Spinning Wheels’ or ‘CPW Lovers’ (even though this isn’t a Canadian Production Wheel aka CPW) to get names of folks that make pieces for antique wheels.

In the mean time, study this page so you can recognize the various parts of a spinning wheel.

Although you may think your wheel looks a lot like the Ashford Elizabeth from the page I linked for you, it isn’t. They are both a Saxony Style wheel, but if you look closely, the maidens, uprights, legs, drive wheel are different.

Do not despair though! As I mentioned in my previous post, the parts that are the most difficult to replace … the flyer & the bobbin … you still have!

Hereis an assembly guide for a Saxony Style wheel

eta: what I refer to as a ‘footman’ in my previous post, Ashford refers to it as a connecting rod (aka con rod)