Spinning guru needed

Hi-I have 2 big cones of 100% camel 3.7nm 2 Ply yarn. I would like to double it using a drop spindle. Is that feasible? If so, how? Thanks ^^
PS I do have a spindle given to me years ago-here’s hoping!

yes you can!!!

First you need to determine which direction the yarn was plied together (clockwise or counter clockwise). When you ply the 2-ply yarn together, be sure you are going in the opposite direction than what you discovered above.

The method to use?

Andean Ply method. Some folks use a paddle, but you can use your hand/arm

Thank you so much for your reply!
Part of the reason I want to do this is in hopes I can use the yarn as warp on my rigid heddle looms. As it is now, it’s a bit too weak to use as warp. Do you think spinning it into 4-ply will strengthen it enough to do so?

A cabled yarn will give it more strength.

However (isn’t there always a ‘but’ or ‘however’?) The yarn as it sits is probably balanced. By plying it, you will partially ‘untwist’ some of the 2-ply and there is a big chance you might over twist the ply.

This energized yarn can really skew your weaving.

Since it is luxury fiber (at least the camel I’ve spun has been), it might be best suited as is and used for the weft.

Don’t add much twist!