Specialty Yarn Store in/near Olathe KS?

Hi Everybody! I just moved to Olathe Kansas, and started knitting! I wanted to know if anyone knew of any yarn shops where I can get reasonably priced yarn that is maybe a little nicer than the stuff you get at a hobby store or wal-mart.

If not, if there are any online stores I’d love to know of those also!

Thanks everybody!

Welcome! I know nothing of Kansas, but boy there are a LOT of yarn stores. Folks around here love www.knitpicks.com especially, it seems. If you Google yarn–watch out. There are so many, it would be impossible to list them all. Some of my favorites, off the top of my head are

www.elann.com large variety and good prices

just to name a few. It helps, too, to know what yarn you’re looking for to narrow things down.

Hey, you live where I live! There is the Yarn Shop up on 80th by Metcalf, The Studio up on 47th near the plaza, and there are a couple other on the Missouri side of KC. Also there is KnitWit on 151st, a couple miles away from the Great Mall. If you need directions shoot me an email and I will give them to you. It really is a great place to live if you are a knitter.

Also, you may want to consider joining the SUnflower Knitting Guild. We meet every 3rd monday evening of the month. In October we are going to have another yarn crawl…where we take a day and go to a ton of shops and buy yarn at discount. :slight_smile:

Also…(I promise this is the last one. :smiley: ) I belong to a knitting group called “No Idle Hands” that meets every Thursday evening up in Overland Park…and we’d love to have you there if you want to come. :slight_smile:

ok, I think that is it. :blush:

:evil: :evil: :evil: NOT FAIR! I wanna live in Kansas!

Hehehe…Not fair I wanna live in FLA~!!

Thanks for all the info! I’m looking forward to visiting some shops and websites…Hopefully once things quiet down here at home I can get involved in a group!!

Oh…Does anyone know the FAA’s rules about carrying on needles? I recently flew but I put them in my checked bag…Is there a needle that is approved for flight?

There’s a FABULOUS LYS in Lawrence (30 miles west on K10) called the Yarn Barn. If you just moved here, Lawrence is worth a trip; Mass street is kind of fun (that’s where Yarn Barn is), and there’s lots of good food. Also, you should take yarnmommy up on her offer; she’s taught me a lot and introduced me to this site. :slight_smile: Good luck,


Thank ya’ll so much! I will definitely get out to some of these stores asap!
I’m kind of apprehensive about knitting gifts for my friends for christmas. I know that they’ll love whatever they get, but its kinda weird for me making something and actually finishing it. Any ideas for projects besides scarves? Thats about all I’m making right now…I’m still learning :smiley:

ooooh my poor little friend Jason is gonna be so mad when i come down there to visit him and drag him to every yarn store in town…lol. as luck would have it, he is coming here first and i know all the yarn stores here…lol

well from what i understand bamboos are fine and i have heard people say they had no trouble with denise needles. someone had a great idea of taking an SASE with them just in case they are confiscated so that you can drop them in a mail box to make sure they get back to you just in case they try to confiscate them.

okay i am bumping this so i don’t lose it cuz i am heading down to Lawrence this weekend to go see some gay cowboys with my friend Jason and his ex-boyfriend (yeah i am mostly just excited to see them and the movie so i had to throw that in)

However Jason doesn’t get off work until 5pm so i am thinking that i need to do some yarn shopping whilst i wait. I think i have figured out that “The Yarn Shop” is in Overland Park and is probably really close to a hotel that we stayed at when a bunch of us got together last summer. The Yarn Barn is not open this weekend.

The Studio—is that near Country Club Plaza? Is that the plaza you are talking about? That is quite far from OP isn’t it?

And KnitWit is in Olathe?..well never mind i just called them and they are closed.

sooooo …hrmmmm…i think we need to figger out which theatre we are going and then i can decide where to go…