Speaking of tattoos

I wanted to show my new one off! I got it finished today. It took 2 sessions, about 5-6 hours total. The larger flower represents my son’s birth month and the other flower represents the month I got pregnant. It took many years for me to get pregnant so this is really sentimental to me. I love it!! It’s quite swollen and pink, so don’t mind that. It is an original design by the artist based on photos of the flowers that I gave him.


GORGEOUS!!! Really… it’s very very lovely!
Hurray for tattooed knitting Kristins who spell their name right! :cheering:

Cool. I have a few myself.

Its beautiful!! I myself am a tattoed knitter. yea for the tattoed knitter

OT you son and I share the same birthday!! He still just a little thing. Happy belated 1st birthday to him

That looks awesome! As Scout52 said, Yea for the tattooed knitters!!!

[I]That is lovely,did it hurt when you had it done?I want a tattoo on my back.[/I]

Thanks everyone!

Leedsfan - it did hurt, but it was bearable. Certain spots were more tender than others (up top near the back of my knee (Oww!). But I guess it depends on how you tolerate pain.

The colors are very pretty. The whole thing is very pretty! Nice tatoo.

Tattoos hurt. There’s a needle involved. :wink: But, the pain is only present while the tattoo is being done. As soon as he lifts the needle, the pain stops. That’s the good thing.

Some parts of the body are more painful than others. The tat on my upper back (across from shoulder to shoulder) was 3 hours long, and I tolerated it just fine. The tattoo on the top of my foot took about 15 minutes, and I wanted to rip my tattooer’s hair out by the roots. I couldn’t have tolerated it any longer than I had too. The top of the foot hurts like a sob! :zombie: But the one on my left upper arm, barely hurt at all, to the point where I almost fell asleep. :shrug:

[B]Oh Dear,I am a coward when it comes to pain.[/B]

Don’t let fear of pain stop you. Really…just pick a place on your body that is more, um, “fleshy”…I chose the back of my left hip. It was several years ago now, but I remember it didn’t hurt that bad, and for most of it, it just feels like pins and needles (the feeling you get when your foot falls asleep). I talked and laughed through the whole thing.

It’s totally worth it.

And the new tattoo is lovely!!!


Kristin its GORGEOUS! :heart:

The only one that hurt me was my ankle tat…cause when I got it, my ankle was so skinny…no meat for cushioning.:roflhard:

very pretty :happydance:

love the colors, that’s very pretty.

OMG it’s GORGEOUS!!! :inlove:

tats rock. I’m going to get another sooooooon. if i wasn’t a teacher i’d have full sleeves. (or, i’d be working on it anyway)

Very nice! :cheering:

The only tattoo that I have is one on my left upper arm that is less than an inch tall. I got it when I was 16 from a 15year old who just got some Indian ink and really wanted to try it out. (Kids do NOT try that at home :doh:) So all of my friends at that time got a small cross tattooed some where on their bodies. Ahhh the stupidity of youth.

hee hee :teehee: I had the home made cross on my hand! :doh: what was I thinking!? You could totally get it covered up!

Thanks for the compliments everyone!! :inlove: And BTW, the picture totally doesn’t do the colors justice! The swirls are much more vibrant greens, teals, blues, purples…I just love it so much. I love that it somewhere I can look at it to!

very beautiful
love the colors
i watc hed a show on tv
just a bunch of people tatoos and their lives
i dont know what is called
anyway a elderly woman came into their shop
requesting a tatoo
they spoke to her asked questions why
and she said that she wanted one
nice woman about 80
they gave her tatoo on her arm
her name anne pretty c olors
she left very happy
now i wonder what my family would say if about a tatoo
not that i care
my grankids
would love it

That is a gorgeous tattoo!

My husband is itching to get another one (he has three - one of which I helped design for him). I’m tempted, to have one done on myself, but honestly I just can’t justify spending the money on it. I’m such a perfectionist, I’d want to find the best artist I could get and have a really awesome design and… well, I’m sure it would end up costing me an arm and leg (no pun intended?). :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’d want to have it on a part of my body that doesn’t show when I’m wearing normal clothes. >_>