Speaking of Medical Transcription

Odd topic, but I got my baby hospital records a while back (I was two and a half months early and was curious about what happened to poor little old me!!) and do you think I can read them?!

So, my question is…can I pleeeeeeeeease hire one of you MT’s to translate it for me? How much would it cost? You can pm me if it would make you feel more comfortable.


ETA: it would only be the doctors notes…about 20 pgs. (I think!)

I hope it is just that no one has been able to help, and not that I have offended anyone???

Oh I doubt you have offended anyone. :wink: I think it’s just a BIG job! :heart:

thanks for replying Jan…I just wasn’t sure if that was appropriate to ask such a thing! Even suggestions on how to wade through it on my own would be appreciated!!

Do you think your own doctor would be able to go over them with you? He or she might be able to explain them to you in more plain English rather than medical jargon.

We MTs usually just type what ever the doctor says, we aren’t necessarily skilled in actually interpreting and understanding what they actually mean.

Now there’s an idea, Kirsten!! The other thing is that I can take it with me to the library over the weekend and use a medical dictionary!! I have been thinking about it the last few days.


Dorland’s Medical Dictionary

Here’s an online medical dictionary I use on occasion, although sometimes you’ll find they define medical terms with OTHER medical terms! LOL

It’s been a while, but I went to school for Medical Assisting and had to take Medical Terminology. Shortly after that I helped my aunt go through my uncle’s autopsy report with my med. dictionary.
I could “try” to help you out if you like! :thinking:

Thanks you binkykat! There is only one part of it that I am having trouble deciphering, so how would I go about getting that to you? Maybe I could scan it in and you could read it through email? Or would you prefer I mail it to you?