Speaking of knitting two sides at the same time

If I want to knit two sleeves at the same time, what is meant by this? I see in some knitting tips that you can knit two sleeves at the same time to help with knitting the sleeves even. How am I going to do this?

Cast on for sleeve 1 with one ball. Cast on for sleeve 2 with second ball. Then, keeping them on the same needle, you knit one sleeve with one ball of yarn, then knit the second sleeve with the second ball of yarn. It is a great thing to do for length and for efficiency. It also keeps you from being depressed about having to knit that *&^% second sleeve. :wink:

And I won’t get tangled and have to have hubby come unwind me from all the yarn?

It IS easy to get tangled working with 2 balls of yarn so what you want to try to remember is to turn your needle clockwise the first time, then turn it counter clockwise the second time, etc. That way your 2 balls of yarn will not become tangled together. It really DOES make sleeve making a lot more tolerable!

Thank you for another tip Knitqueen. clock wise, counter clockwise…got it!

Thanks, Ing…I was thinking of doing as i do with socks…2 sets of needles (until I have lerned the 2 socks on 2 circs method :wink: ); I didn’t think of doing them both on the same needle!!! :cheering: :cheering: