Speaking of knitting in tandem

Rebecca’s way of knitting pairs of sock, both at the same time on two sets of DPN’s reminded me of something I’ve been doing that has been great and wanted to share it with all of you!! I got the idea from Stitch 'n Bitch.

I have been casting on multiple items onto the same needles, each with its own ball of yarn, and it goes (or seems to go!) so much faster! For example, I’m making a pull-over that obviously has two sleeves, so I cast on both sleeves at once, each with its own ball of yarn, and am knitting them row by row at the same time. It helps to keep track of where increases/decreases go, and you don’t have to be as careful about making measurements because you know that they will both come out approximately equal. If one sleeve measure 16", the other one will be pretty darn close!!

So there ya go, my little tidbit today. Hope it helps someone!


We’ve heard about second sock syndrome, there is also the second sleeve syndrome, at least in my house. I found that knitting sleeves first, and both at once, gets them done, grudgingly. (This is the main reason I always try to adapt a pattern to be able to pick up around the arm and knit down.)

Oh sure…share the tip now…just as I’m completing my FIRST sleeve! :lol: That’s a great tip though KnitQueen! I’m definitely going to do that next time…assuming of course that there are more sweaters in my future!

Thanks for sharing!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:[color=orange][size=7] THANK YOU KNITQUEEN!! [/size][/color]This month I will have been knitting 1 year and as of yet, have not made a garment (decided that is to be an after Christmas learning experience and I’m a big fat chicken to make a sweater) and I thank you very much for the advice. :notworthy: you are to be commended :notworthy: now u have some of the ‘yoda-dom’ :notworthy: that is being shared…u r now the yoda :notworthy: of tandem sleeves!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: MARVELOUS IDEA, LADIES & GENTELMEN…MARVELOUS!! Thank you, :notworthy: Master Yoda :notworthy:
okay…hope u guys have seen Star Wars or u r gonna think I’m a COMPLETE idiot…lol :roflhard:
In all seriousness, thank you, knitqueen…a really great idea :cheering: :cheering:
:notworthy: your servant, forever, Master Yoda (ok…u gotta know i’m kidding now…lol)

EXCELLENT idea, knitqueen! :happydance:

Just to be clear, it wasn’t my idea - I got it from Stitch 'n Bitch, BUT it is one of the best tips I’ve come across so far!!!

Hope it helps you all out!


haha…just take credit as a purveyor of good information :slight_smile:

I purchased the two longest cords to go with my Denise set so that the next pair of socks I do will be tandem, 1 circular style.