Sparkle yarn

i am looking for a sparkly or metallic looking yarn, red, gold or yellow, silver and green. do any good people know of such a yarn? if so where?

Any particular fiber or weight? There was a sparkly Berrocco in the closeouts section on


I was looking last night and had some handmaiden handpainted yarns that had silk and beads in them and they looked lovely~!

Most major suppliers should have something metallic. Where do you live? If you are French, there’s no point telling you about my favourite local brand…


Lion Brand carries “Glitterspun”, which is a worsted weight metallic yarn in some different colors. Also, if you’re nearby a Hobby Lobby, I’m pretty sure they have a line of metallic yarn (from their “Yarn Bee” line), but I don’t know what the name of the product is off the top of my head.

Webs ( is having a special on Rowan Soft Lux. I’ve seen this yarn in person and it’s really pretty, very soft, and the sparkle is fairly subtle.