Spanish Lace "yarn forward" vs "yarn round needle"

I am attempting a lace pattern afghan…the old spanish lace stitch. Most of it seems pretty simple, except for the life of me I cannot figure out what the difference is between a “yarn over” and a “yarn round needle”. The pattern calls for both in the same repeat, so they have to be different. I have looked online and in my limited books, but it still looks like the same thing. Help!!!

Well, in all cases, “yarn forward” means to bring the yarn to the front like you were to purl. The next stitch dictates whether or not it’s a yo.
Yarn around is the same as a yo anyway you look at it. LOL!!:thumbsup:

Yarn round needle means to wrap the yarn all the way around, like between purl sts or a purl and a knit, or knit and purl. It is a YO, but it points out the yarn should go all the way around.

coulsd be the same, could be different. Can you qoute the two terms in the context of the pattern?