Spanish knitting instructions... can someone help me please?

Hi, I am new and seeking help.
I am trying to knit a beautiful baby blanket that I found in a Labores del Hogar Collección magazine and although I have tried my best with assistances of Google translate etc., etc. I am sure there is something very wrong.
Is someone out there who can assist me; it is not a lot of text…?

welcome to KH!

just wanted to let you know of a few resources:

if you’re on ravelry, there is the ‘excuse me?’ translation group at they handle all sorts of languages, spanish included.

there’s also these links i found at ravelry’s ‘fiber in other languages’ wiki at specifically for spanish there are:

hope that helps! :wink:

Maybe if you could give us a link to see what you’re doing it would help. Someone might be able to look and see what’s what with it without an interpretation to English. :shrug:

Thank you both :o)
I have attached a copy of the page; the page with this pattern I am trying to knit ( I think I have attached it…)
The thing is that I can not understand the instruction on how to work the hexagon; to me it looks like the text does not match the graph.
I hope you understand what I am trying to write/say; my English is not too good.

Your English seems just fine to me but the attachment didn’t work.

Thanks again… I think now it happens…
But very likely not clear enough to reed. I will try this again… differently this time.

por favor, ?puedes escribir la parte de las direcciones que no estan claras, palabra por palabra, en espanol o ingles? puedo intentar traducirlas en ingles si es necesario y espero explicarlos.

there it is… at last.