Space Bag for yarn storage: pros and cons?

Has anybody used Space Bag ( or similar) for storing yarn: does having the air taken out of the bag and the yarn therefore squashed spoil it in the long run? Or is it a good way to store yarn while saving space? Experiences/thoughts appreciated!


What’s a space bag?? :shrug:

I know one lady in my knitting group has tried using them. She says they are great for other things, but they don’t seem to suck out enough with storing yarns.

I use space bags mostly to store fiber for spinning, but I also store some yarn in them too. The bags are great, but the trick is that you have to have a pretty powerful vacuum cleaner to suck out the most air. My old Kirby vacuum wouldn’t get much air out, but my new Dyson does a great job.

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They probably wouldn’t work for me. I check on my yarn too often. Even when I can see it in a clear plastic bag, I’ll get an idea for it and open the bag, then change my mind.

I do aspire to a yarn stash big enough to require space bags though, and lately I’ve been making realy progress toward that goal, lol.

I use it for my yarn, but it does squish it a little. If you have the papers on the yarn, they probably will fall off when you let the air back in. And if your yarn has loose ends, it’ll be even looser when you get them out. It does save space, but there is a price for it of course!

You have to get a really good seal. I can sometimes and can’t others. It’s a toss up. I think I have a good seal, then go downstairs a few days later and the bag just looks like a regular old ziplock with air and all. It’s kind of frustrating! I keep the old baby stuff in them and it really helps with the poofy comforter & bumper pads and I know I don’t need to take them out for a while. I think I may do it with my sweaters this summer too.

I’ve tried them twice and had to return them because the seal sucked out of at least one bag in the bunch when trying to remove air.

An alternative to these is those new very large Ziploc Big Bags. Put whatever you want in it and if you feel the need to make it smaller you can lay on it (or have a kid do it) and then zip it. It works very well.

That’s a great idea! And I imagine they’re a lot cheaper too?

That’s a great idea! And I imagine they’re a lot cheaper too?[/quote]

I’m sure they are, but even if they weren’t I know they won’t have a seal to suck out. :teehee: BTW…the XXL bags… are HUGE!

Yes, I used the XXL Ziplocs for packing for a trip once, and you can easily get as much air out of it as you like. (Though easily means laying down on it and working the air out)
I never thought to use them for yarn, I have yet to build my stash up to the size that I would need to.

HA, as I was reading this thread, the advertisement (at least for me) was for Space Bags. :teehee:

bip I’m with you, I check on my yarn way too often to have it stored in a space bag - or any bag for that matter. I need mine where I can just pop the top on a box and sort through to see if I want to knit wtih existing yarn or pick up something new.

:psst: [size=1]I LOVE my new dyson.[/size]

I use the space bags for my pillows and blankets and while my vacuum does suck the air out just fine, I’ve noticed that the air makes its way back into the bag.

It’s a good idea, just doesn’t work that great. :shrug:

I’ve never tried them for yarn, but then again, I do have a whole closet full of my yarns. :shrug:

I bought the XL ziploc storage bags to put my yarn in and I haven’t done it yet :oops: biut I really like the idea of a big clear, portable plastic bag where I can see all my yarn goodies. AND it can be closed to keep my little kitties :twisted: out of it~ but I don’t know how flat it will lay for storage

I bought the space bags that you roll up to squeeze out the air instead of using a vacuum. I couldn’t squeeze it hard enough so I put the filled bag on a kitchen chair and have my husband sit on it. :rofl: They work great.

and the bag said …“Squuuuish.”" :rofl:

If you use these bags for clothes, will they be badly wrinkled (maybe permanently) after removing them? I’ve wondered about this ever since seeing the first of these commercials, but of course they make no promises against this which got me to wondering in the first place.

Large clear zippered blanket/comforter bags are good to store yarn in too.

Sandra from SC