Sp across?

I’m doing a pattern for a toilet roll cozy.

Row 3 is to K1, (place marker, k2tog, k5) 6 times.

Row 4. Sp across, moving stitch markers to over needle.

Repeat rows 3 & 4.

What does sp mean? How do I do it? :??


Confusing for sure…Sp means space to me but that makes no sense!

If knitting in stockenette, I have to believe you’re being asked to Purl across (WS row) moving your markers to retain their position as you do, but there is a typo in your pattern.

Let us know how this plays out. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

could it mean to slip a stitch, then purl a stitch? when making heel flaps, there’s usually a row where you would slip knit across.

In the glossary of terms it says sp = space so :shrug:

I’ll purl across and hope for the best. I’ve inserted a lifeline so no biggie if I’m wrong.


Is it supposed to get smaller and smaller?

It could be slip purlwise.

It was for decreases - I just purled across and it worked fine. Just a typo I think :think: