Sorta OT: Christmas has come early at Chez FG

[size=7] [color=blue] :cheering: YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! IT’S HERE!!! :cheering: [/color] [/size]

DH just called me and told me that my new spinning wheel is in!!! This was an early Christmas gift from my parents. While they were here at Thanksgiving, we went down to Sheep Street and ordered an Ashford Kiwi. The owner just placed the order last Monday, so this was fast!! I was expecting something closer to the weekend!!

THIS JUST MADE MY DAY!!! :happydance:

And sweetie pie DH is going to go there tomorrow to pick it up for me! (They’re always closed by the time I even get off from work) The brave sould is going to an LYS!

HAPPY DAY HAPPY DAY!!! :cheering:

Of course, I will have to go back down on Saturday to pick up some rovings and accessories with the gift certificate I got too. Poor poor me.

A spinningly Merry Christmas to you!!! :cheering:

Ohh…Fun! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I didn’t know u were a spinner :happydance: YAY for you with your spinning holidays :cheering: :cheering:

Ack! That’s AWESOME! Merry Christmas! :cheering:

Cool! We’ll need photographic evidence, you know. :wink:

:cheering: :cheering: that’s SOOO wonderful!!! :cheering: :cheering:

It’s gonna be sooooooooo difficult to work tomorrow, knowing that my wheel will be waiting for me when I get home! I’m not even going to want dinner :shock:

i’ve just been doing the happy dance all night. think I’m driving DH a little insane.

What fun!!! I would love to see a picture!!! :happydance:

Yeah…where’s the picture???

You’ll get a picture when it’s actually in my house :smiley: It’s still at the store sillies. DH is going to go pick it up today, yay!

Congrats on the spinning wheel. I would like to learn to spin one day but I will wait until I live near a store that can teach me. And I am SO SORRY to hear that you have to go to the LYS to buy stuff. What a tragedy. :roflhard:


When will you start taking orders for the fabulous Fiber Girl Fibers?

:cheering: Now if it was my dh he would still make me wait till Christmas DAY just to drive me batty LOL will you get yours tomorrow or have to wait? Merry Christmas to you!!! :happydance:

Wow! Congrats…that’s so fun.

I must resist. I must resist! This is the second person I have heard of who has gotten a spinning wheel this week. I refuse to pick up one more hobby! Between cooking, rubberstamping, knitting, scrapbooking, pysanky, quilting and herb gardening, I just don’t have enough time for another hobby.

oh a whole new adventure beginning for you. Congrats

Oh, I really don’t have time for spinning; heck I’ve barely had enough time to knit lately. But I do find it a fabulous stress relief (which, totally unrelated, I’m REALLY going to need tonight).

And I’m sure mine would make me wait if he had bought it, but because Mommy bought it, I can have it today - provided I spin some yarn for her to knit with for Christmas. :smiley:

You know :thinking: I hadn’t thought about that…hmmm, I might have to go check out my grocery store’s KoolAid selection…need to add some dyeing books to my Christmas list…I like the name Mary :thumbsup:

I know, such a tragedy. I don’t know why Nancy (the owner) thought I would want a gift certificate for her store, I NEVER shop there. :rollseyes:
Hmmm…fiber or a niddynoddy?..what else do I need for my little wheel?

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

ok, here’s your picture…

gee, call me silly, but I kinda thought that they would put it together for me :?? The instructions are all pictures, and they don’t really make all that much sense.

But, I do have to swoon for a minute - DH was goig to try to put it together for me. If you knew my DH, you’d be saying “wooooooow! that’s so sweet” - not b/c he’s not normally sweet, it’s just that he’s not the handiest man when it comes to tools and such (neither am I for that matter). So even though he didn’t get very far (it’s still in the box), it was a very sweet thought and I :heart: him for it. He was talking about calling the store tomorrow to see if they could put it together for us…either that or we’re going to have to try it together :shock: (not such a good idea if I say so myself - we can’t even go to the grocery store together successfully)