Sorta OT - anyone seen Proof?

its with gwenith and anthony hopkins. i saw the play which was ok, but the movie caught my interest much more intensely because it quietly commented on knitting and women’s sublimation of mathematics.

the central character played by gwenith never actually knits, but she wears obviously handknitted items that no one else would give her and her bedcover is a beautiful handknitted multicolored patchwork of different stitches that are intricate and lovely. all of her multitude of handknitted items are crafted equisitely

shes a character who stifles her gift for mathematics to help her mentally ill father (a mathematics professor). during that time, she comes up with a proof which will revolutionize certain aspects of mathematical thinking, but tries to keep it secret.

nothing is overt about the message which i truly appreciate. moviegoers dont need to be hit over the head with a brick to get it. its so lovely to see an homage of sorts to all the mothers and grandmothers before us who knitted with such skill and precision, only to be pushed into a niche of “craft,” or better yet, a “home makers skill”

i think knitting is where women who were mathematically inclined before us sublimated their desires to be something different than what their only options was; home making.

kinda cool aspect of that movie, i think.

ps sorry about the typos. just call me typo queen :lol:

Thanks for letting me know about this. I like to know ahead of time (sometimes) what to watch for in a movie. Now I’m all set!