Sore Wrist From Circs?

I must be doing something different while knitting with the Options. I haven’t had any wrist problems when using straights and DPNs. Yesterday was the first day knitting on the Options and this morning I have a very sore and stiff left wrist.

As I have a touch of arthritis and we had a cold front move through last night it may just be a coincidence, but I do wonder if this is something anyone else has experienced when going from straights to circs?

Well I have never used straights but I would think it is possible that there might be some stiffness when you first change. It would seem like you have to hold them differently since they, essentially, just fit into the palm of your hand instead of sort of down your arm. also because the needles are so much more slippery than what you are used to you might be hangin’ on tighter too.

Anyway, it seems like you would be using the muscles in your arms slightly differently than what you had been so it would make sense that they might be a bit sore at first.

That being said… I have no idea what I am talking about since I have never used straights. It is very likely that I am full of crap! :teehee:

it could be the position that you are holding your needles… make sure that your both elbow are touching your side waist when you knit with circular needle… i used to have that problem and realise i m too tense … relaxing your whole arm while knitting helps too … hope this help

I don’t notice a difference between needle type (straight/circ/dpn) as much as material or size. Smaller needles and metal needles give me sore wrists, larger sizes don’t, and bamboo sizes are less likely to give me sore wrists (unless they’re size 4 or lower.)

Thanks, I’ll see if I am any more tense or have some other position/tension problem with them. The slickness really doesn’t bother me and I don’t think I am gripping them any more tightly, but it could be I am holding them in an odd position or something.

believe me once i wanted to finished my knit project quicker …i got neck and shoulder sore in the end … ha ha…dun we alway wanted to rush thru my knitting project …so that we can jump to the next one

You know, Mason. You have been knitting a lot lately, haven’t you? I know you were trying to finish the socks before you headed back out. Perhaps you are just overusing your wrists? Although that probably isn’t the issue since you drive a truck for hours and hours…

Just a thought…

Yes, it is possible that I’ve just been over doing it. As I am a new knitter, it may just be that my body hasn’t adjusted to the new motions yet.

I thought circs were supposed to cause LESS stress on the wrists since the weight of the project is on the cable instead of on the neddles itself, like it would be on straights :shrug:

I thought circs were supposed to cause LESS stress on the wrists since the weight of the project is on the cable instead of on the neddles itself, like it would be on straights :shrug:

I get wrist pain when I use straights, it could just be that you are using a new muscle set by changing to circs.

Jenn, I don’t think it’s a stress problem as I have very strong arms and wrists. More likely to be motion related.

Sara; Yeah that’s probably what it is.

Hey Mason, I had the same thing when I switched f/straights to Denise’s (:heart: 'em!!) - I think I was gripping the circs tighter and at a more acute angle relative to my wrist 'cause I hadn’t adjusted to how short they were relative to the straights. I was trying to grip and cup them at the same time, and with some strength, 'cause they didn’t seem to feel secure in my hands at first compared to the straights.

It took a little time, but I got used to it and it doesn’t bother me anymore, although when I did start hurting I took more and longer breaks, with quite a bit of stretching the hands/wrists to stave off carpal tunnel, and it all seems kosher now.

And yes!! it seemed almost miraculous how much faster I became, and muuuuch less inaccurate (dropping stitches, etc.)… :cheering:


I have early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome and when I picked up knitting I did end up with sore wrists a few times (that’s why I have to knit at intervals, can’t just go on for hours).

I have also noticed that I get less pain knittng with circulars than when using straight needles, so I’m gonna stick to those.

Thanks Jude. The shortness of the needles could well be the problem, which is what I was suspecting all along. I’m sure I’ll adapt as I pay a bit more attention to how I am handling them.

When I knit for a long time, the outer part of my left hand hurts a bit from the way I curl my fingers around the needle when holding it. I just try not to knit for long periods.


I get sore wrists when I angry knit. I also get them with circular needles that have shorter cables, "16 usually. I think it’s the way I hold the needles, I also grip really hard with the shorter cables, but I’m not sure why.

I think I figured it out. I was knitting a little on the sock and found that I am twisting my wrist more while making the stitch than I was doing with the longer needles. I’ll just have to watch that and break that habit now.


I too, am a new knitter and noted that when I first started, my hands would hurt. Not the writst, but the area inside and on top of the hand. Now, they don’t hurt so I’m gathering that I was using bones, tendons, etc… that I wasn’t before. I’m just making my own assuption based on my experience. If you have arthritis, you should check out the waxers made for home use. I have one and use it all the time. The moist heat really helps.
Take care, Helen