Sore Toes

Have any of you had the following happen to you?
A few days ago my feet were freezing. They refused to warm up even though I was wearing a pair of lightweight socks that I had made with yarn that contained wool. So I put on another pair of thicker wool socks along with the first pair and worn them inside my tennis shoes. The shoes fit a little more snug than normal, but my feet did warm up. Two mornings later I noticed that the tip of my left large toe and two of the small toes on my right foot were very tender. Upon close inspection, I noticed that the skin appeared to have been rubbed raw. The friction of the wool fibers in those socks rubbing against my toes had to have been what caused the tender spots. They have almost healed,but boy they sure were bothersome for a few days.
Sandra from SC

To be truthful, no I have not experienced this.

But then again, I didn’t realize knitter’s were allowed to wear their own knitting. See, I’ve been informed that I’m supposed to give it all away. :doh:

This could open a whole new realm of possibilities! :teehee:

I could very well see how that could happen with the wools rubbing and all!

Glad the toes are better now!

While I haven’t had the rawness from the wool, my feet do stay quite cold even though I have thick wool socks on. :shrug: It’s only until I put my slippers on with my wool socks that my feet/entire body begin to heat up.

Strange I know, but alas you are not alone. :hug:

I get that sometimes. It’s pretty common for feet that have a tendency to perspire. I’m not implying that you necessarily have sweaty feet (I sure do), but if you think it’s at all possible that perspiration might have been a contributing factor, you might want to try a higher wool content – at least for the inside socks – wool has great wicking power and will help keep your feet dryer and less prone to chafing.

Now, while I know we would all love to wear our handknit socks all the time… you might want to consider getting some Smart Wool socks. My husband loves his. He says they’re really comfortable and cushy and they keep moisture away from your feet while keeping them warm. Of course I have no idea where you get them, but I keep hearing great things about them. A woman that I work with swears by them too.

I also love Smart Wool socks. They are seriously great. They are pricey, but sometimes you can find them cheaper at Marshalls, TJ Maxx and online.

If you have really cold feet (I do–due to very low blood pressure), wool socks (no acyrlic content) and shearling boots or slippers. Uggs might not be the prettiest things around, but they are really warm.


You know, moisture probably did play a part. I have noticed lately that although my feet stay cold (sometimes to the point of numbness) my socks feel damp. And yes, I apparently have BP that is low because my blood runs very slowly to the point of not being able to give blood because it will thicken before I can give a pint.

I’ll have to google for the smart socks. I haven’t seen them around here.

My Mom is also a smart wool fan. They sell them at stores like REI, though you can sometimes find them elsewhere.

Socks made with Coolmax (a synthetic fiber) also wick great – I like them in the summer time.

My mother is currently swearing by the bunny slippers I gave her for christmas to ward off cold feet. She was very impressed with herself yesterday when she went outside to take the garbage out wearing them. :teehee: