Sore left fingertip but not from pushing

Hey everyone! I’m new to knitting but have been crocheting for years. I’m just working knit and purl stitched atm… But my left fingertip is very sore. I’m not pushing on the needle tips and my yarn tension is good. What’s happening is my right needle will rub against my left index when I’m inserting it into the stitch. Mainly on knit stitch. I think I’m anchoring my yarn with my left index so it doesn’t slide off and in doing so, I’m running my index with the tip of the right needle… Any tips on how to not do that? Or a way to protect my finger from that?

Welcome to the forum! In the beginning I had a bit the same trouble but as I developed more skills I got better with my precision so that the needle tip is not rubbing against the left finger anymore. The only advice I can give at this point is to slow down and concentrate on not rubbing the top of the needle until you got the movement imprinted in your muscle memory. Any patch would probably make you stay with the wrong movement longer.

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