Sore Fingers?

I knit a lot and have found that I not only get calluses but cuts with my needles and it is painful. So I bought gel toe wraps for corns and wear one on my finger! They are non medicated and give me that cushion so I’m not constantly poking myself with the needles.
BTW- I saw another post about a moebius- what is that??

Cuts? What is cutting you? Knitting needles should not cut. Your hands can get sore and the best thing you can do is stretch them every once in a while and make sure to rest some.

Sissy thanks so much for asking about moebius. I’ve been wondering what it is too!

A mobius is a type of scarf or wrap or cowl that’s a long loop with a twist in it. You can knit one as a long rectangle and sew the ends together with just half a twist. It’s a lot of fun to make one from the center out though.

Here’s an entry for Mobius strip, that’s what it is basically - one long edge that wraps around itself.

My KP sock needles are so pointy that they make little holes in my fingers where I push them off. I have to wear band-aids if I knit too much with them. Luckily, I’ve learned to knit continental so I can relieve some of it, but I’m not too good at it yet, so I still push off with my left finger when I knit English.

I usually just put on a band-aid, but I’ve thought about getting those little rubber things at the office store that people use for paper counting.

I push with Continental. I use super glue to fill the holes. Otherwise I keep on finding the hole right before it gets healed.

Oh I see. What about something like this. Probably cheaper and more comfortable. I think Artlady(?) said they can be reused a few times, too.

When I started up with knitting again… I had some sore finger tips (continetal knitter)

But I got used to it.
The yarn over the index fingers… that leaves a ridge some time…

they sell plastic covers to slide onto your finger tip in the yarn shops… here in Germany. But I have not tried them. I am afraid my fingers would get sweaty.

Yes I recently also sustained a knitting related injury n mypushing off finger using bamboo needles and a very coarse, stiff yarn. I tried an ordinary plaster (band aid - do you use the word plaster in the US??) but it very quickly got stuck to the yarn so I shall stock up on a few of the type you suggested.


Can you take some fine sandpaper to the wooden knitting needle points? should just round them down a bit, take off the pointy point.

I have found from time to time that when using the smaller Knit Pick needles that I get a callus then a hole in that from pushing off. Gets very sore. I use a thimble but that is not the greatest. And bandaids just don’t work for very long. Thanks for the ideas.