Sooo, eating beans on toast for a while!


Have fun.

Beautiful, I’m s jealous lol :grinning:

Worth it! Beautiful (glad to see the seat belts in use).

You’ll be too busy with your new toy to think about cooking anyhow. Priorities are important and you obviously have yours in the right order. Enjoy!!!

Nice! Congratulations!

Spinning yarn!? Goodness. Sounds exciting.
Beans on toast…as long as you have ketchup…sorted.

Ketchup? :nauseated_face: No thanks!

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Yummy, worth doing without meat for that and what a lovely piece of craftsmanship to become a part of your furnishings, your décor must be, also to die for.

I would gladly eat beans on toast to get this. Happy for you.

Nice Traddie! Enjoy!!

nice one!

Thank you :slight_smile: She’s a beaut to spin with, so easy despite only having 1 ratio! I would like a new flyer, but I would also really like a tensioned lazy kate, don’t know which to get first :smile:

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